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Rogers Media, a division of Rogers Communications, is a leading Canadian media company known for delivering high-quality sports, news, and entertainment content through multiple platforms. Its offerings include live TV, streaming services, news coverage, and on-demand video, reaching millions of Canadians daily. With popular properties like Sportsnet, CityNews, and the recently launched streaming service “Rogers Plus,” Rogers Media has solidified its position as a premier digital content provider in Canada.

Challenges Faced by Rogers Media

Rogers Media recognized the need to bolster its digital engagement strategy to maintain competitiveness and expand its online audience. The primary challenges included:

  • Improving Digital Strategy: Rogers wanted to strengthen its digital strategy by enhancing analytics and retargeting capabilities to provide more personalized content.

  • Engaging Gen Z Audiences: The network sought to attract younger Gen Z viewers, who consume news and sports primarily online, by offering interactive and social features.

  • Increasing Subscriptions and Transactions: With a growing focus on e-commerce, Rogers aimed to increase online transactions and conversions across its web properties.

Key Highlights

Use Case: Rogers Media used Arena Live Chat to cover news, politics, and local sporting events, including the Toronto city elections and extreme weather updates.


  • Increase engagement and session time
  • Improve customer experience and SEO
  • Boost brand awareness and social media presence
  • Drive subscriptions and transactions


audience engagement
retention on website
average user time spent on site

Arena Live Chat and Live Blog Solution

Arena’s solution was identified as a key element to support Rogers Media’s goals. Key features and benefits included:

  • Real-Time Interaction: Live chat provided a platform for viewers to discuss live matches, political debates, and local news in real time.

  • Enhanced Engagement Features: Integrated polls, quizzes, and social media interactions created a dynamic, interactive environment for viewers.

  • Custom Branding: Tailored visual elements ensured seamless integration with Rogers Media’s brand identity across its digital platforms.

  • Scalable Infrastructure: Arena’s infrastructure handled the significant traffic spikes experienced during major live events, providing a reliable user experience.

Implementation and Results

By integrating Arena Live Chat across its news, sports, and weather coverage, Rogers Media achieved impressive results:

  • Increased Page Views: Page views reached over 3 million per month across Rogers’ digital platforms, providing a significant boost to audience engagement.

  • Improved Session Time: The addition of interactive chat features increased average session times by 28%.

  • Higher Return Rates: Polls, quizzes, and real-time chats contributed to a notable rise in return rates, as audiences returned to engage with their favorite content.

  • Stronger Brand Loyalty: The seamless brand integration and dynamic interaction fostered stronger audience loyalty and trust.


The partnership between Rogers Media and Arena Live Chat marked a transformative phase in Rogers’ digital engagement strategy. By integrating Arena’s customizable and scalable chat solution, Rogers Media significantly improved audience engagement, provided a richer digital experience, and strengthened brand loyalty.

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