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Fox Sports

Arena Live Blog enhanced real-time sports coverage and boosted time on page by providing a low-code solution.

Fox Sports Australia
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Fox Sports Australia

In Australia, Fox Sports is the leader in the sports broadcast industry. From Australian Rules Football to Rugby, Motosports and UFC, Fox Sports is broad and attracts huge and diverse audiences.  Keeping this audience perpetually engaged is a challenge.

Fox Sports

Rocket time on page during sports broadcasts

Fox Sports used Arena Live Blog to improve live fan coverage, retaining audiences on page using an elegant and simple solution.

The Big Picture

Engaging sports fans is a sport itself. Being one of the main competitors in the Australian market, Fox Sports needed to improve their real-time online coverage while optimizing their resources with a good and efficient solution.

Live blog

Arena Live Blog fitted perfectly to their needs. With powerful features, such Automatic Play-by-Play and Social Stream, Fox Sports boosted their live coverage by increasing the quality and quantity of relevant content during the games. Once the event is created, the updates happen by itself, freeing the sports editor to dedicate time to improve quality.

Fox Sports Australia’s live coverage reached a higher place of dynamics with Arena Live Blog by providing an immersive content fully integrated with social media.

One solution. Multiple benefits.

An easy way to solve a hard challenge.

With low spending in deployment, Arena Live Blog brought to Fox Sports Australia an extra dose of dynamics to their content.

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